Articles in Press

September 2017

Volume 1 Issue 1


Review Article

Ethical Aspects of Smoking Cessation among the Population From Transylvania Region

Doina Todea, Andreea Coman*, Sorin Man

The ethical aspects related to the approach of persons addicted to tobacco use are a particular problem that is the concern of medical services, of pneumologists. Treated for a long time as ”an expression of the modern way of life”, smoking is considered today as a disease of pandemic proportions, being at the same time an epidemic that can be completely prevented.

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Case Report

Endobronchial Teratoma

Dui Haddad, Heitor Paiva, Guilherme Saraiva Haddad, Caterin Arévalo*

Endobronchial teratoma is a very uncommon neoplasia in clinical practice. To date, only three cases of primary endobronchial teratoma were reported in the literature among the 50 cases of primary pulmonary teratomas. Here we describe a case of a mature primary endobronchial teratoma located at the bifurcation of the upper lobe bronchus and the intermediate bronchus, macroscopically simulating an endobronchial carcinoid tumor.

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