Publication Ethics

The publication of a Manuscript in an Open Access Peer-Reviewed ISAMED Journals is indispensable for the development of a coherent scientific network of knowledge. It directly reflects the quality of work of the researchers all around the world, who publishes their articles in ISAMED Journals. Peer-review process follows and embodies the scientific literature. Therefore, it is important to maintain the standards of scientific community for all people involved in the act of Open Access publishing group: Authors, The Journal Editor, The Editor in Chief, The Editorial Board Member, The Peer Reviewers, The Publisher and The Society.

Following are the key points for the Publication Ethics-

  • Should not encourage publishing the plagiarized articles.
  • Should follow strict peer review process
  • Standards should be maintained
  • Confidentiality: Editors/ Reviewers should not share, examine with outsiders without the prior permission from the editor, or preserve the data from an assigned manuscript.

An Editor should and must consult reviewers or members of the editorial board for decision-making.