November 2017

Volume 1 Issue 1


Research Article

Beneficial Effects of Xanthohumol on Obesity and Insulin Resistance in Obese, Diabetic (ob/ob) Mice

Suguru Mabuchi, Shohei Shinozaki*, Yurie Soejima, Takamasa Tsuzuki, Hisashi Naito, Motoji Sawabe, Masao Kaneki, Kentaro Shimokado

Xanthohumol (XN), the principal flavonoid from the hop plant, has anti-obesity on and anti-diabetic effects in rodent models of obesity and diabetes. However, the effects of XN on obesity and insulin resistance have not been fully characterized. Here, we show in obese, diabetic (ob/ob) mice that XN treatment (10 mg/kg BW, IP) for six weeks significantly decreased body weight and plasma insulin levels and improved glucose tolerance, although food intake and blood glucose levels were not altered.

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