Articles in Press

September 2017

Volume 1 Issue 1


Systematic Review

Antibacterial Action of Silver Nanoparticles against Streptococcus mutans when Incorporated in Dental Restorative Materials and Oral Hygiene Aids

Anusha. R*,.B.D.S , Kiran Iyer. V, Madan kumar Parangimalar Diwakar ,.M.D.S

Silver particles have a long proven history of proven antibacterial activity against a wide variety of organisms. With the introduction of nanotechnology in the dental field silver nanoparticles have been tested for their antibacterial action against the oral microflora. The aim of this systematic review was set to assess all the research papers that evaluated the antibacterial action of silver nanoparticles against the cariogenic Streptococcus mutans in the oral cavity when they are incorporated in the dental restorative materials or oral hygiene aids.

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Original Article

Effectiveness of Dental Health Education Delivered by Dentist and Peer-Led on the Oral Health Status of a Transgender Population in Chennai City, India -
An Interventional Study

Vethakkan Bijivin Raj*, PD Madan Kumar, Kiran Iyer

In general, the attitude towards Transgender people in Indian society is discriminatory and biased. This negative attitude is reflected in their poor awareness and access towards general and oral health facilities. An improved accessibility to dental services is necessary to ensure improvements in their optimum dental health. This study was aimed to assess the effectiveness of a health education delivered by a dentist compared to the peer-led, in the improvement on oral health status among a transgender population in Chennai city.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       PDF  |  FullText